13 April 2014

Yoga to recover from overtraining

As the title of the book underlines, yoga for different people means different things. One of the incredible benefits of yoga is its ability to balance our lives and give us the missing piece to make our lives feel whole. Emil Heikinheimo was in acute need of restoring his body and he found what he needed through yoga.
Emil Heikinheimo
In comparison to our previous interviewees, Emil's approach to his yoga practice is very soft and restorative, with a focus on relaxation. In the fall of 2013, Emil's life had taken a turn for the worse soon after he had started extreme crossfit training. A doctor diagnosed Emil as suffering from a state of overtraining, where his body was not able to physically or mentally bounce back from his hard physical training. Crossfit training had ended up being too overloading for his body, but luckily he found restorative Satyananda classic yoga to provide him with much needed body balance.
Emil describes his feelings after his first class "I've honestly never felt so relaxed; I slept like a baby that night". Classic yoga practice soon became the highlight of Emil's week. Read Emil's full story in the book A Million Ways To Love Yoga to discover why.
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